This book is very insightful and moving. I recommended it to a lot of my friends and family who suffer from PTSD. A great book with coping tips, good advice and insight. It will make you feel like you're not alone. Christin


Once I started reading, I didn't want to stop. As a combat veteran, this book hits really close to home. Now I don't have a garden, but as I read it I keep having the thoughts of how much it sounds like me... as if the words were taken from my life and someone else is telling my story. I'm only a few chapters in and have to force myself to stop reading because I don't ever want to come to the end of this book and it be over. I'm also thinking about starting a garden, then I go back and forth saying "Nah, a garden is not my thing, or is it? Nah, maybe?" The main focus isn't even about a garden! Stagrepa 

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