Raymond "Cash" Care

A truly inspiring and inspirational must-read that goes over the trials and tribulations involved with PTSD and soldiers returning home who are trying to adapt and find their inner peace. I am a firm believer that educating our troops is key so they can identify, seek treatment, and spread the word on how to tackle this demon. See, war is not a pretty thing, and each individual deals with it in his or her own way. Even though the topic is hard to digest, the book was an amazing wealth of knowledge. I hope that if any service member is in pain or knows of someone in pain, please, please, please, read A Warrior's Garden and seek out the proper treatment.

Navy SEAL 12 years, Government Contractor 8 Years, Professional Firearms Instructor 2 Years

Years in Military: 9 (1992-2004)

Ray “Cash” Care is a 12-year veteran of the United States Navy, 10 years of which were spent serving as a member of the SEAL teams. After serving with the SEALs, Ray continued to serve his country for eight years as an overseas security officer for government agencies. With his specialized skill set, Ray deployed to remote areas around the world in the continuing efforts in the war against terrorism.

Sharon K. Ball, LPC-MHSP

There are times when only life experience can really connect with the heart.  Malachias' story offers warriors active or returning home to connect and find possible solutions for PTSD recovery.  His combined knowledge and experience provides a easy to understand proactive approach to addressing the trauma warriors go through. The journey to find wholeness after war is complicated and traumatic in and of itself, do not go it alone. Malachias has journeyed through this process and is passionate about alternatives to the traditional approach to PTSD recovery!   Use Malachias and his story as a road map to start your journey of healing!  Be proactive with your mental and physical health.  

Sharon K. Ball, LPC-MHSP

Author, Founder of 9Paths and licensed professional counselor in Tennesee and Arizona. Certified in EMDR, Trauma Informed and TBRI she has been practicing for over 17 years treating Complex Trauma with active and non-active military and their families.  She is a board member of Mission Force a non-profit that exists to serve those that have served us, providing purpose and connectivity to the civilian business community through Warrior Weekend, employment and reintegration, support to reduce depression and suicide as well as opportunities to serve on teams combating the $30 billion industry of child sex slavery throughout the world.

Boone Cutler, Author, Warfighter, Advocate 

Boone Cutler is an author, speaker, multi-media director, Warfighter Rights leader & Warfighter advocate with the distinct honor of being the first combat veteran from the current war to be a nationally-recognized, radio talk show personality. Boone wrote his Iraq War-inspired autobiography, Voodoo in Sadr City (2010), during his two-year convalescence from wartime injuries at Walter Reed Army Medical Center during the Neglect Scandal of 2007. Those two years proved to be foundational to Boone's activism on behalf of Warfighters.

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